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This might be your first Rock am Ring festival or your 10th, whatever it is we have put together a list of the most common rock am ring questions we get. If we have not answered everything you want to know, add a question below and hopefully someone will be able to answer your question.

First Aid

The German Red Cross have service points around the festival site.


It is absolutely forbidden to start fires
The security forces on the campsites should be informed immediately if a fire breaks out somewhere, even if it appears to be under control.

Radio Festival

SWR3 will provide visitors with traffic news on FM 87.7 SW£ Rock am Ring Radio. The Rock am Ring Radio Stations starts from Thursday, 05.06.2008, 14:00 clock open Monday, 09.06.2008, 15:00 clock.


Cash Machines can be found on the federal hightway 258th. There is a cash machine on site at “Box 30” it is sign posted.

To Camp together – Arrive Together.

To be able to park your cars and camp with members of the same group you will need to arrive at the same time.

Drink on Festival Site.

You are allowed up to 1 litre of drink into the festival site contained in a Tetra Pack. Glass and Cans are not allowed into the arena. There is free drinking water points around the festival arena site.

Information Points

There are many information points around the festival site to provide information to both german and foreign visitors.


Children under 8 are not allowed to the festival, children between 8 –16 must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Cooking on the campsites

Gas cookers are allowed on the camp site but extreme caution must be taken.

Car Sharing.

It is recommended to share cars to reduce traffic to the festival.

An open-air festival is a noisy event. To protect against too much volume are earplugs at each merchandising stand in the interior area and the ancillary services.

Public transport

There are bus services running from Koblenz station to the Nurburgring festival site.

Sanitary stations
On the following sites there are stations with wassergespülten sanitary toilets and showers: A2/A5, A7, B2a, B5, B9, C2/C3, D5, D6 and D9 and D10 on the plot (handicap equipment). In addition, the users at all land mobile toilets and drinking water are available.


The parking lots are around the clock by the police service care. To ensure the security of the campsites will take care of its own police service, in conjunction with the police. In case of problems, the security forces immediately be addressed.

Sound and video recordings on the festival grounds are prohibited.

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  1. I’m unclear about the regulations about drink. What is the difference between the “festival site” and “the arena”? Can I bring my own drinks (cans) to the camp site?

  2. You can bring a stocked bar to the campsite if you want…and if you do let me know where you’re setting up camp bro. It’s just the arena/concert area that prohibits glass and cans. Flasks are the ticket to avoid the shakes 🙂

  3. Get there a couple days before the kick off if you wanna have a good camping spot. Life ain’t nothing but a party!

  4. Hi i’m pretty much goin to this event but i’m staying in a hotel each night is there a bus back to koblenz other than on the monday?

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