The Confirmed line up in 2010

Rock am Ring Line Up

We love Rock am Ring, and find below details of last years festival. The Rock am Ring Festival is one of Europe’s Largest Music Festivals, it is up there with Glastonbury, V Festival, Roskilde and Reading Festvial. Rock am Ring and its sister event Rock m Park took place over the same weekend in Germany.
Rock am Ring is hosted at the Nürburgring motor racing track in the west of Germany. The Rock im Park event takes place near the Frankenstadion in Nürnberg which is in the South East of Germany.
Rock am Ring took place on the weekend of 4th – 6th June 2010. Bands which play on one day Rock am Ring will play the Rock im Park on the next day.
The festival is the largest in Germany with over 150,000 attending across the two events. In 2007 both events sold out in advance for the first time in their history.
The rock am ring line up was as below.

Rock am Ring – Rock im Park 4. – 6. June 2010

30 Seconds To Mars / A Day To Remember / Airbourne / As I Lay Dying / Bad Religion / Broilers / Bullet For My Valentine / Die Sterne / Dizzee Rascal / Editors / Ellie Goulding / Gogol Bordello / Gossip / Hammerfall / Heaven Shall Burn / Jan Delay & Disko No. 1 / Jay-Z / Kasabian / Kiss / Lamb Of God / Lazer / Motörhead / Muse / Rammstein / Rise Against / Slayer / Sportfreunde Stiller (unplugged) / The Hives / Them Crooked Vultures / Tocotronic / Volbeat / Wolfmother / u.v.m.

62 comments on “The Confirmed line up in 2010


    IT IS A CRIME!!!!!

  2. I’m with you Sarah, I mean honestly….who organised this schedule! Metallica and the verve at the same time too, tut tut.

  3. I just read this too, WTF! I can’t believe I have to miss Prodigy and Metallica, can’t they get these things right ever?!?!

  4. Why are Justice overlapping Prodigy and Rage against the machine their probably the three best acts of the weekend, apart from Metallica of course.

  5. They aren’t on at the same time. Look at last year’s times onthe main german website,,,, the stages are staggered times whcih means all 3 headliners are well spaced out…. Roughly speaking Rage come on at 10.30pm, Prodigy at 1.50am and Justice at 2.10am. Thats using last year’s times


  6. Thank god the verve are playing same time as metallica, it means i wont have to listen to there boring ass drummer and their samey riffs.
    I can go and listen to a half way decent band. Hooray. Thank you Germany.

  7. indeed, if i had to hear bittersweet symphony one more time i think i would have to kill myself.

  8. I heard Gogol Bordello are playing at some point!! anyone know if thats true??

  9. Sooo Pumped! Thats Awesome! Are there any ausies or kiwis going to this fest??? Or is that a silly question??

  10. I hope that Patricia Leggat is right about the bands being on at different times cause my boyfriend and I might end up killing each other over who we want to see!!! and for goodness sakes people mention HIM in your posts, cos they’re amazing!!

  11. Lets all face it, when it boils down to it, i don’t know anyone who wouldn’t choose Rage over Prodigy. Sorry hard core Prodigy fans, it’s the truth.
    Good like up this yeah though, wish i didn’t have to work.

  12. I’m coming from half way round the world to get deep in rock am ring……..BRING MUDVAYNE!!!

  13. you have already bring slipknot… bring mudvayne and lamb of god… and no one will survive from that fest!!! believe me.

  14. fuck yeahhhhhh .. manson korn slipknot!! bring lamb of god and mudvayne.. and its like you end the world!

  15. any of the oberbach boys coming to rock am ring this year????
    i got my ticket and cant wait!!!!!!!!
    just as good a line up as 2008!! whoooo hoooo 🙂

  16. any one hear any rumors of Dave Matthews Band playing here? They will be in Europe early July doing other festivals. So far they are playing in Lisbon, Belgium and London.

  17. hey, what about green day? they’re bringing out a new album in may so could be a good time to go on tour (-> rock am ring!!)
    hope so much they’re coming…

  18. I really think Britney Spears should come. She’s made such progress this year and has really come back stronger (no pun intended) than ever before.

    Also some of her music would really make this festival rock. If Scouting for Girls can be there why not Britney?!!

    Much Love, Sean x

  19. yes..i hope brithney comes to….. SO WE CAN KILL THE FUCKING SLUT. ( really sean you have to be joking..)

  20. OF COURSE I AM!!



    SEAN X

  21. This sucks …
    no Linkin Park, no A7X, no Slipknot but SCOUTING FOR GIRLS ?!?!
    whats wrong with this …

  22. A lot o you have missed the obvious!!!

    Rock Am Ring???

    Prodigy are a dance band!!!!!!


    NO……………. IT CAN’T BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHY METALLICA, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. bullet for my vallentine………..????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  25. I reeeeeallly hope slipknot goes, that’d make my day, and tbh, i dont think AX7 will go considering their drummer is dead -.- but sorely missed,. <3

  26. Damn Right, Bullet for My Valentines gonna Rok.
    Too bad slipknot, linkinpark aint performing. Sux.
    But looking forward to Bullet XD

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