Review of the 2008 RAR

The Rock am Ring 2008 Festival was a classic and we would love to hear your reviews of Rock am Ring 2008, tell us about your festival also, we would love to hear your reviews of the bands who played.
We after bands reviews like Rage Against The Machine Rock am Ring Reviews. Metallica Rock am Ring Reviews, tell us what the set lists were. Did you watch MTV Rock am ring Coverage who was the best on the tv.
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15 comments on “Review of the 2008 RAR

  1. Good festival only spoilt by the theiving that went on unfortunately. First night had 200 euro’s stolen from my wallet that was in my jeans pocket next to me as I slept, then all our beer was taken, then we have just found that our camping stove had been taken along with some other bits. Beware next year, I hope whoever did it catches something nasty..

    Rage against the machine were superb

  2. Very pleased I went. Rage Against the Machine was the best live performance I’ve ever seen.

    Did anybody else find the lack of food stalls around the campsites frustrating?

  3. This was my 3rd year, and although i was ill it was the best year yet. Pendulum and Rage where awesome. the weather on sunday was also awesome.
    I had no troubles with food, and luckly no stealing.
    I always find the people very friendly and helpfull. I love Rock Am Ring!

  4. Festival was excellent!!

    The 2nd time i have been. Highlights were RATM, Manic Street Preachers and Pendulum. I thought The Futureheads & Incubus were good, especially Incubus’s set list which included Drive & Stellar. Never watched Metallica because I did not fancy watching off a big screen so decided to hit the soundwave tent and randomly watched Saxon and they were superb! Bit disappointed with the sound for 36 crazyfists though. The verve I thought were pretty dreadfull, was really looking forward to them too. Oh, and QOTSA rounded off the festival in style!

    And finally. I was in the soundwave tent on sunday afternoon and Sami Hyypia who plays for Liverpool walked past me. How bizarre!!!

  5. This was my first time at the festival, thought it was awsome! Highlights were Manics, Prodigy and Pendulum. Would like to have said that RATM was the hightlight of the weekend, but due to the set up of the main stage and having a dissapointing spot in the crowd where the sound was just awful, it ruined the performance for me. Will be seeing RATM at Reading this year, so looking forward to seeing them at a more open main stage where I can actually hear the band and enjoy it.

    Love Rock am Ring, considering going next year 🙂

  6. Great festival on the whole, despite the ridiculous main stage layout not complementing the extra 20,000 people. Good food, very nice people and a great lineup. Although going from the 2nd and 3rd stages to the main stage is embarrassingly bad in terms of layout, I’d consider going next year… especially if the lineup is as strong as it was this year! Same as Sian, RATM will rock at Reading 😉

  7. Prodigy were amazing, so glad to hear them play after someone saying they’d got canceled. Metallica were amazing, would of liked to get closer, though. Rage against the machine were amazing, but once again, would of liked to get closer, the back speakers not working for the first song was annoying, too. I saw everyone up to bad religion on the suzuki stage on Firday, and really enjoyed everyone except for opeth, I found opeth very boring live. Incubus were absolutely rubbish live. Nightwish were appalling. The offspring were a bit disappointing but really good, in flames were really good as well. Pendulum and turisas were both brilliant in tent on sunday. I enjoyed kid rock, although he was fart too full of himself. I thought die totten hossen were boring, and wish I understood german because when eeryone knelt down, me and my friend were left standing up and very confused.

  8. Heya guys! This was also my first time at the festival. A group of us rented a van and drove down, which worked out really well. Since there were no food stalls on the camp sites it meant we could drive into the nearby town and buy bbq food from the lidl or aldi. Wasn’t it amazing how prepared some of the germans were with their massive trailers of fridges and huge sound systems etc!? I thought the bands were awesome. I tried to see as many as possible, but missed out on Metallica (who I’ve wanted to see since I was 9!) because of a huge crowd surge during The Offspring (how ‘not in to it’ was Dexter!? Drag!). We got spat out at the entrance, and it just looked too rammed to get back in! Overbooked for Saturday? I also ended up missing QOTSA because some shitbag pick-pocketed my wallet sometime between 36 Crazyfists finishing their set and me getting out of the tent – UNBELIEVABLE!!! 100 euros and all my cards etc gone!
    Another thing that slightly pee’d me off was the main stage sound quality. There seemed to be some kind of technical fault which meant that every time guitars went to switch to more gain and volume, they got gated – making them real quiet. Kinda spoilt the ‘rocking out’ moments!
    I’d been waiting years to see Incubus too – but the lack of Dirk Lance and crummy main stage sound made them pretty disappointing and lack luster – although it was pretty funny when Brandon went to play guitar (check me out ladies..) only for all the germans in the crowd to ignore him and start chanting at the balconies! HAAAA
    Anyway, I’ve rambled long enough – suffice to say Rage live was one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen, and In Flames’ guitar tone made me go all mushy……. and yes, Nightwish are fucking appalling! =P

  9. My first Rock am Ring too and I think we are all in agreement that Rage were great and that the sound at the main stage was rubbish all weekend. Hence most of my time was spent at the alternative stage- Manics were class as were prodigy and Jimmy Eat World sound way better live than on their record. Fratellis were good but a lack of showmanship but at least they acknowledged their fellow Scots which is more than the Stereophonics did when there was loads of Welsh in the crowd. I too went to Saxon instead of watching Metallica on a screen and was delighted I did- so funny and a great atmosphere in the crowd.. a 50 year old English metaler brought his son all the way over to see them! Crap included Simple Plan- I’m Irish and they would be booed right off the stage at home. Kid Rock’s music is crap but at least he put on a performance. Him were attrocious- looked so bored on stage. Overall staff there are great and thanks to the german girl who handed in my camera when I lost it.

  10. Rock AM Ring – The Review

    This is my mates review but since we agreed on the ratings etc im going to use it 🙂

    Band Ratings

    0 – Epic Fail
    1-2 – Bad
    3-4 – Ok
    5-6 – Good
    7-8 – Very Good
    9 – Awesome
    10 – Amazing

    The festival prep really started on the Wednesday before leaving, considering waking up at 10am that day was the last time sleep was to be had until arriving in Nurburg. A day of much excitement considering what was soon to be happening (but also a day of work…). Anyways, after work was done, packing was finished. Dave came round soon after and the wait to leave for London City Airport was on. Watched Lee Evans XL tour to try and make the time go quicker and sure enough at 3.30am….the journey was on.

    London City Airport = not the easiest place in the world to find, but right by the Millennium Dome. When arriving there, got checked in fairly quick (only annoying aspect of this was the snooty bitch that I checked my bag in with). Airport was very basic, to the extent when the flight was delayed, had to resort to buying a £10.50 breakfast to keep me entertained. £10.50 breakfast included a sausage, scrambled egg, bacon, a “portion” of beans and toast. Also came with cereal and the worst cup of tea known to man! Flight arrived and what I like to call GERMANIA could really begin.

    Upon arrival, it was fairly smooth going. Train to Koblenz, Bus to Nurburg. Simple as. Arriving there though was a bit confusing. Got off the bus and there was no evidence of what to do next. After talking to some people (who despite the language barrier, were very friendly), discovered we had to go to what seemed a very random location to get wristbands, and then camp in the arseholes end of nowhere on a fucking hill! After going to get a crate of beer (glass bottled beer FTW!) sleep was needed. Living the hardcore lifestyle, going to bed at 7.30pm on the first day of a festival!


    After 14 hours (!) sleep, it was time for Rock AM Ring to begin. Not even knowing where the arena was, we embarked on a walk (which resulted in the first Frikadelle of the festival – awesome). When arriving at the arena after what seemed like a fucking monster walk, strolled around the arena and headed to the Alternastage, and pitched up by the second barrier for Steriogram.


    An entertaining band. Dave discovered they did a song he loved which was funny. Steriogram had a very good set and provided a good start to the festival.


    Oh dear god. One of the worst bands I’ve ever had the misfortune to see live. The band was ok to listen to but the singers vocals were horrible imo. When she announced the band had to go offstage – one of the highlights of the festival. Horrible band.

    SEETHER – 8

    Seether played a fantastic set in such a short time. Heard a number of songs I hoped to hear and enjoyed their set a lot. First band I planned to see at the festival and they came through for me.


    Only heard one song by them, and it sounded decent enough. Can’t give a higher rating because I didn’t see more.


    They were a good band who had a good set. Didn’t know any of their material so wasn’t waiting for a particular song. They entertained me and did what I thought they would do, and that was fill time up until the next band.

    OPETH – 3

    Excited when they came on stage, and then they bored the hell out of me. Nothing more to say really other than they weren’t bad, I just didn’t get into their set.


    Always entertaining live. Another artist who played all the songs I wanted to hear and also does a great cover of Dead Kennedy’s Holiday in Cambodia. Very good set.

    INCUBUS – 7

    I saw these cause it was easier than going to the tent, then back to main stage. Don’t really like Incubus, and at times their set was boring. They did however have fantastic parts of the set and it was very good overall.


    I felt like shit before they came on. Nothing to drink or eat since about 10.30am and just wanted to vomit. They came on and its like my stomach acids settled. Amazing set, fantastic atmosphere. Very happy I’ve now seen them live and the set was just perfect. Kinda predicted the crowd would go nuts for ‘Killing In the Name of’ over other (arguably better) songs but not really an issue.


    Bit of a cheat saying I saw them really. It was so slow getting out the arena that I was able to hear 3-4 of their songs. Only remember Killers, and that was great. Made me want to locate the money to go see them in November.

    Sleep was needed again. Friday came to a close by trying to fix the tent in the rain with no shoes on. Good plan mikey!


    After a large bottle of Fanta and a Frikadelle, headed to the arena for the first bands of the day. Legs still were killing from near 12 hours of walking and standing the day before so a few sitting breaks were in order for the day. However, that’s for another review.


    Very entertaining band, sounded like a German Bloc Party. Can’t really say a lot more about them other than they did a good job opening the Alternastage.


    Very entertaining again. Covered a wide variety of genres I thought. Didn’t play “Follow Through” which was a bit of a let down but I’ll live.


    A drummer who’s also the vocalist – good show!


    Very entertaining again. They do a song which is a wrestler in WWE’s entrance music (bet I was the very last person to know that). I enjoyed them.


    Fucking epic! Didn’t enjoy the random moshpit that opened up right where I was standing (behind the 3rd main stage barrier!) which meant the whole set was survival more than anything else. Setlist was almost perfect. Best band on the Saturday at that point for me

    KATE NASH – 7

    I was joking with the guy I went to RaR with about going to see her. But when it occurred to us that she clashed with In Flames….really there was only one choice :P. She was very good, and well worth seeing.

    MADSEN – 6

    Weren’t bad. Sat through them really while waiting for the next band (who were in the tent)
    AIRBOURNE – 10

    Un-fucking-believable. Loved every minute of their set. Fairly certain they went over the 20mins they were allotted. Oh well – made it better. When the lead singer climbed that stage scaffold…..holy shit!


    Thanks to Airbourne, arrived late for Nightwish. Not that it bothered me overly considering I’ll be seeing both bands at Wacken. Anyway, sound problems metaphorically raped Nightwish. Such a high rating because you could see they really wanted to put on a great set. I Wish I Had An Angel suffered a lot. A massive shame.


    Their set was amazing. Loved the new material and the cover of Voodoo Chile at the end. The first album material they played just rocked. Atmosphere was electric


    Really liked their set. Didn’t know any of their stuff in detail to love it though. No complaints.

    SAXON – 9

    Sounded on great form. Great crowd responses to them. Would have liked to see them open air, but can’t win them all I guess.

    METALLICA – 11

    Strange a band scoring 11/10 but when a band make me shake with excitement at the beginning of songs I’ve already seen them do live, they deserve it. Crowd sucked at first (where we were) but we moved away from them and got in a good place where people were just singing, clapping and generally having a great time. Few setlist issues personally (Playing So What on every date and then not at RaR….thats just mean!) but loved them. Still buzzing about their set, and cannot wait for Reading where I’m going with the sole purpose of watching them play to a bunch of indie kids who have no idea what the fuck is happening to them 😀

    THE VERVE – 4

    Similar situation to Motorhead, except hung around for 2-3 tracks, then left and heard some more on the walk. They were ok, nothing more, nothing less. If I’d paid £40 here to see them, I’d be pissed.


    Arrived at the arena and got a nice 2nd barrier spot to the right of the stage in the shade


    Good set by this band, but I don’t think the open air stage helped them. Looking forward to seeing them at the Wedgewood Rooms, and maybe they should have played the tent stage.


    They were fantastic. They did back up my theory that they could be entertaining for a shorter set, but headlining would have dragged the score down. Despite some overexcited male fans crushing/humping, it was a awesome part of the festival

    What followed however was not awesome in the slightest. Before LP came to the stage, security blocked the path of the exit (where there was also an entrance to the front of the crowd). They were allowing no-one past…not even to exit the crowd. This was concerning as I wanted to leave to go to the Coca Cola tent. The crowd (in its wisdom) decided there were more of them than the security and just started pushing and crushing. After nearly breaking my arm twice and my foot, I fought out the crowd, and then dove back in to rescue my mate. Security really fucked up there and it was bad. Some people were screaming for help and got none.

    TURISAS – 10

    What a way to have the spirits picked up! Amazing set. Very short which was a shame but I love Turisas, and they didn’t let me down.


    Ergh, boring, uninspiring and did not suit open air at all. Provided a nice sit-down break. End

    KID ROCK – 6

    I won’t lie; the intention of going to see Kid Rock was to gain some much needed lulz. None were found, and actually he was good. Enjoyed the songs I heard, and he did American Bad Ass early, which made me happy.


    Only caught one song on the way back to the tent. It sounded ok. Pretty much it about them.


    Holy shitballs these guys ripped the tent a new arsehole. Loved their set. Going to look out for this band more in the future.

    PENDULUM – 10

    After some technical difficulties (something backstage blowing up), they came out and were amazing. I love a good number of their songs, and it was fantastic getting to hear them live.


    Ergh, did not keep me interested. The lead singer kept saying “we don’t know if iyou are having a good time, we are!” Didn’t like him. Music was ok though.

    BLACK TIDE – 10

    Ruled. Nothing wrong with their set imo.

    OOMPH! – 10

    One of the highlights of the festival. Amazing set, amazing atmosphere, all in all, superb.


    If you are going to Bloodstock, watch Dimmu, as they were just on. Pyro/fireworks inside the tent = Wins!


    Very good. Played everything I wanted to hear. Great way to close the festival.

  11. Awesome weekend, was initially really upset that Die Toten Hosen and Him clashed. REALLY wanted to see both but was glad that I chose Toten Hosen as heard bad things about Him’s show. Will be coming again next year!

  12. wow!! awesome! gnarly! cool! alright! and other american shit…this was my first festival and i am so happy it was this one. Before i talk about the music ill cover everything else. The germans are great hosts, everyone i met was friendly, had a fucking crazy couple of nights with the germans in the tents around us and have no complaints. The food avaliable could have been more varied but thats life. the weather was awesome my nose and forehead were raw so all u pasty people bring sunscreen. the line up was fantastic. every band i saw(metallica, qotsa, rage,lp) were great 1 complaint wud be the amatuerish sound engineers. highlight would be the electrified qotsa. cant wait to c slipknot this year!

  13. HIM HIM HIM HIM HIM HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAS THE BEST BAND THERE!!!!!!!!!! omg they should go again this year!!!

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