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23 comments on “Contact Rock am Ring

  1. I would like to know what dates and times the festival will be opening as i would like to travel up on Wednesday 3rd of June.

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi there it would be really cool if you get FEEDER at this years Rock AM Ring. Is there a possibility?

  3. Hi guys,

    I am writing to you because I hope that you will add Festivalbus.co.uk to your coach trips section. Our prices start at £94 return including ferry and booking fee.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate.

    All the best,


  4. Hi,

    Can you give me any information about the shuttle bus service from koblenz to rock am ring? A timetable would be helpful, and is there any shuttle service from frankfurt?

  5. Hey!!
    I Am going for the first time, and i was wondering if my ticket have acces to both festivals. Rock am Ring and rock im park, and is it the same thing???

  6. Hello, my name is Alex, I am manager of the group Pollock (Ukraine,Kiev) we want to participate in festevale, Please Give the manager with whom you can discuss this issue, and to apply to participate, thank you.

  7. Hey guys!

    can you please clarify on the suttle servises from Frankfurt and from Koblenz to the event itself, if you have a time table will be great!

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  9. hi i have a tall selling fancy dress clothing ,can you tell me who to contact about trading at the festival

  10. Hello
    I’m from the netherlands and I would like some information about traveling by train to rock am ring and if my ticket can get me any discount.
    Do you maybe have a email adress from the official rock am ring website or helpdesk or something like that, because I really can’t find it anywhere on the website. And it sure isn’t helping that everything is in German.

    Max Cozijnsen

  11. Hi, was wondering if there are any buses/coaches from frankfurt to nuremburg, as the trains seem pretty expensive (€68!) Wondering if you could help me either find a coach service or cheaper train tickets

  12. I was wondering if there is a live stream of Rock AM Ring?
    i notice that the videos I see online are professional
    and was curious is there is a live feed of rock am ring i can watch since i cant really get over there.
    If you could let me know it would be appreciated. thanks.

  13. Helle when is the campsite open to the public?
    We’re traveling by car from UK on the Thursday.

  14. Hey me and my buddy are traveling from Canada and I just have a few questions. If we buy the 195 dollar ticket that is without camping right? what would u guys suggest? Is it worth paying the extra 300 for comfy camping or is there a general camping? We can’t properly translate the website so its tough to read. If we go to the festival without camping are there hostels around ? Also Do both Nurnberg and mainz have all the bands the same bands playing?

  15. Hi Soroush that price should include general camping. We paid £185 for our tickers and that’s for general camping included.
    I’m not sure on the bands, it’s a good possibility though.

    Hope this helps.


  16. Hey, do you know what times the shuttle buses run till and if they are still running on the friday?

    Thanks, Christina

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