Rock am Ring Tickets for 2018

Rock am Ring Tickets

Rock am Ring always takes place in the first week of June. Headliners are Foo Fighters Gorillaz (live) Thirty Seconds To Mars This year Rock am Ring 2018 takes place between 1 June to 3rd June 2018 Rock am Ring Tickets you can buy tickets from ticket exchange sites like Seatwave and Viagogo.

Rock am Ring £149.00

We do not actually administer the delivery of Rock am Ring Tickets. Our links go to Seatwave and Viagogo, We just provide you a link to their site. Please make a note that we we are not associated with seatwave or viagogo, the ticket transaction is arranged by them.
You will need to look for “3 Tage Festivalticket “ if you want weekend tickets.

If you have any issue with your ticket transaction please contact the ticket agents who you brought the tickets from. If you buy your tickets from Viagogo you can email them via their Website



14 comments on “Rock am Ring Tickets for 2018

  1. Hy!
    I have two tickets for Rock am Ring 2009; unfortunely I found out that I won’t be able to make it to the concert.
    I want to sell the tickets with the same price as I bought them, meaning 135 eur/ ticket.
    Please contact me at


  2. hi,

    i want to sell two tickets, 3-days + camping.

    125 euros/ticket (actually more than i paid for them).

    please email if you’re interested.

    thanks and have fun! x

  3. Please could you assist me in getting two tickets for Rock am Ring in June. Im unsure if they have been sold out or not, and am running out of time to sort out tickets and get flights arranged as im going from Ireland
    Thanks, contact me on:

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