Rock am Ring Top Tips List

So Rock am Ring is next week, I want to get everyone involved in this thread. Please post your tips for Rock am Ring, from camping, how to get there, how to get by in germany, and anything people will find useful.

I have put together a few basic tips below to get you started

  1. Take sunscreen it might be sunny
  2. Take Waterproofs,  it might be rainy!!
  3. Take old clothes that you don’t mind ruining
  4. Take clothes you can wear in layers, so if hot can take some off if cold
    put them back on!!!
  5. Take Woolly Socks as can be cold at night.
  6. Get Biscuits munchies for midnight feasts lol
  7. Pack condoms

So come on send us your tips etc

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  1. dont throw away your cup you may not realise youve actually been charged a euro deposit on when you buy a beer so you gotta keep it for next one.infact i dont even think you get the euro back

    wear very comfortable shoes your be on em all day, theres no nice grass to have a sit down on like donnington just solid concrete as far the eye can see in the’ll be crying for a chair by sunday

    sealed cartons are the only drinks you can take in (fruit juice etc) take a few with you one for each day if you can. the germans turn them in to handbags with tape and carry a few so you wont look like a twat if you wanna do that

    dont plan on going to the front section (D barrier) towards the end of day and plan on getting out anytime soon.your pretty much there till the after headliner

    i dont remember any type of bureau de change or even a cahs machine so id get all your euro’s in advance and just keep em on you at all times.

  2. Anyone flying into Hahn Airport with Ryanair will need to get the bus to Koblenz from Bus-stop number 6. It goes ca every 2 hours and costs 13 euros for a single fare. The Bus stop is down the road outside the airport,(signposted) do not get on any of the buses directly outside Arrivals, that is the Frankfurt bus ! It takes an hour to get to Koblenz. From Koblenz you can get the shuttlebus to the site.
    To ask for a Busticket say ” nach Koblenz, einfach bitte” (To Koblenz, single fare please)
    (Buy your ticket on the bus from the busdriver, not at the ticket kiosk inside the arrivals hall, this is also for the Frankfurt buses)

  3. There are cash points in the main arena, to the left of the main stage if i remember right, near a load of merchandise ‘garages’
    be warned, there can be long long queues, but if you time it just right you can walk on in!
    they accept most UK cards, maestro etc as long as they have “cirrus” or something similar on the back they’re accepted, and yes it gives you your cash in euros lol.

    Be sure to take a torch with you because the only lit areas within the camp sites are the main routes through the camps, and they’re few and far between, if you’re trying to find your tent in the middle of nowhere at night, out of your face or sober it can be tough lol.

    The food is good, they cater for most, my best mate who ive been with everytime is a veggie and she seems to find food just fine :] Be warned, some of it can be quite expensive and its nearly always in german with no english, if you ask nicely most of the time they tend not to mind translating it for you.

    The bands don’t tend to start until mid to late afternoon, which means the arena doesn’t open until then either.

    Campsites range from being pretty darn close to the arena to stupidly far away! It’s a pretty hilly area so be warned if you get stuck at the bottom of a hill, you will have to climb up it everyday, not good at the end of the festival when you’re tired, hungover and have to lug alllll your stuff back up! nice!

    People also tend to leave rather quite early in the morning on the last day, so if you’re aiming to get an early flight back to the UK and think getting the bus to koblenz etc will be fine at 6am, like me and my friend did, think again bcos they will be packed! best to get to your bus stop early to ensure you manage to get a place on your bus! We had a lovely panic one year lol.

  4. I haven’t been to Rock am Ring before so I can only give general advice for festivals. Bring lots of baby wipes/cleansing wipes… v useful when water is not in plentiful supply. Also don’t put anything too conspicuous on your tent to make sure you know where it is (i.e. a flag/balloon) – someone will nick your sign and maybe your tent pegs as well!

    Would be interested to hear more about the shuttle buses from Koblenz. I will be travelling in and out of the festival on a daily basis and I wonder how early it is adviseable to turn up? I see the buses run at midnight, would turning up at 11.30 be all right or too late?

  5. Mosquito spray and other than German branded toilet paper is a comfort must. Oh yeah! a whole heck of alot of BEER!

    Bring your peace pills if you need them because Germans are not aggresive like Brits and Yanks. Be cool and be ready to have a killer time…Party like a rockstar and chill!

  6. Bring travel adapters for power oulets if you’re camping. Usually your neighbors are cool and will let you run off their power if you dont brin an extension cord.

  7. Don’t foget BEER! …and lots of it. It would be catastrophic if we were to run out in the middle of the night! Don’t forget the ear plugs either as it is not an option to tell your neighbor to “turn it down”.


    Here’s my tips for a perfect weekend.

    1. Stop worrying about all the wee bobbins that everyone says to bring. Just wing it and if anything upsets you, then you aren’t drunk enough.

    2. Plan out which bands you want to see and make sure you know when they’re on. Then get smashed and miss most of them, but lie and tell your friends they were awesome. Change the subject if they ask for details.

    3. Be nice to people, cus it’s a big happy happy weekend with all the music and stuff so just be awesome to others and they will be awesome to you. And don’t forget, being awesome is totally awesome.

    4. Ignore all emos.

    5. Overuse of the devil horns is mandatory. If you are buying a burger at a stall and they ask if you want sauce, just throw up the devil horns and scream I’M METAL AS FUCK LOVE!!!!

    That’s all my tips. Have a blinder.


    Right, what’s the story with alcohol? I’ve heard so many conflicting reports – some say you can bring 1 litre of alcohol into the campsite and none into the arena. Some say the opposite. Some say you can bring as much alcohol on site as you want. Who knows the actual truth?!

  10. Bring as much beer or whatever as you want to the campsite. in the arena area though you are only allowed a litre of alcohol but it muct be in a juice carton

  11. Hello!
    Please can someone help me as I am a bit confused. I have got my tickets to Rock am Ring 2009 and am very excited. I am coming from Manchester and will be arriving at Frankfurt main airport on 04/06/09 at 11am. I need to get the train to Koblenz but the website appears to be very expensive. Does anyone know if there are buses that go to Koblenz from Frankfurt main airport?

  12. Also how much booze can I take? I heard that you are only allowed 1 litre of booze into the arena – I was thinking about bringing a box of wine with the box removed (i.e. a bag of wine!) would this be OK do you think? Any information would be very much appreciated! This is the first time in Germany and first time at a foreign festival x

  13. hey rockers…… im a student in ucd… anyone headed to rar from dublin??? im wingin it alone this time….

  14. My friend said that altough you’re limited as far as bringing drinks into the arena, if you fill a camel-back you can bring those in. of course, who wants to have water in those?

  15. Hello Katie are you on a flybe flight from Manchester? If so whats your email add? Me and a mate are heading on the 07:05 flight and was thinking safety in numbers considering we are first timers too.

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